The Shed/Playhouse

It’s a shed. It’s not  a “playhouse”

A playhouse indicates a bundle of fun with actual walls and maybe a bit of carpet.

The Shed is not that…

It has electricity. It has the ability to play computer games. It is still just…a SHED.

Knuckle down kiddo’s.

  1. I your ‘shed’ !

  2. That should have said I love your shed?!

  3. I would LOVE one….No I would LOVE to be able to send my boys out to one saying ‘Go on boys its alllll for you!’ *puts feet up..gets stuck into Mumsnet while boys enjoy the shed-wry smile*

    Was it horribly expensive? PM me on mumsnet if you dont want to say here!

  4. I’m in school.

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