About Me

I love giving parties. No honestly, I really, really do.

What I actually like is planning the parties, and making cool invitations and thinking of interesting themes and arranging games and sourcing decorations and inventing foods to fit in with the Theme.

That’s the good part. The bit where children (people generally) descend upon my home and make messes and shout a lot and demand attention…not so much.

I am a single mum to 2 lovely boys, Tom and Oliver and we have a Shed/Playhouse at the end of our garden. Most of our parties revolve around the Shed/Playhouse. I’m not sure why…

I don’t just blog about parties though, because, let’s face it, that would make for slim pickings…I blog about anything that strikes me as vaguely amusing/humiliating/interesting about my day to day life…I BET YOU CAN’T WAIT!


The truly annoying thing is that I try really hard to emulate those blogs that are polished and perfect. Every single time I fail. It’s almost heartbreaking, if it weren’t funny.


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