Home Made Burgers

Let’s cut the bullshit.

The best beefburgers are made from MEAT without eggs as a binder and onions to add flavour – They do not break up while frying and they certainly don’t become a horrific frying pan full of  mince and egg.

I am taking Heston’s advice and using some high quality mince, combined with some cheaper mince

Meat plus salt plus Cling Film - a class act

To be honest, all mince is available in “lines”(That sounds totally weird).  Heston is big on the “lines” of mince retaining their integrity – I can get on board with that. So I took the premium mince and the less premium mince and placed them onto some cling film before salting both and squishing them together. *Technical*

Twice salted mince - keep all "lines" of mince in same direction

I then rolled up the meat in the cling film to make a Tube O’ Meat

Roll it up!

This then went into the fridge for 6 hours.

Cooking Time!

Remove the tube from the fridge and cut through the cling film and meat to make patties of about an inch thick each.

Cut into the tube o meat

The burgers keep their shape beautifully so you can add them to a pan without fear of the dreaded burger breakup. I brushed the burgers with some oil before adding to a hot dry griddle.

Sizzle those babies

I added some bacon to the griddle and brushed the other side of the burgers with a little oil before flipping.

Yeah baby - it's all beefy/porky

Oh yeah – now for some cheese:

Emmental (holey cheese) plus Kraft (plastic cheese)

Finally added to a toasted  bun.

This is my screensaver. I'm not joking.

Boys = amazed.

Provide some garnish – tomato, onion, lettuce – sauces.


Me = best mum in universe (as far as the boys are concerned)

This is a non-recipe that is surely worth a try? Some mince plus a sprinkle of salt plus rolling up in cling film for a few hours will get you a mega burger and applause from your family.

Have a go!


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  1. Drool, I want one of those RIGHT NOW!

  2. It’s a bit early in the morning but yup, I still want one.

  3. yes my boys would definitely be your biggest fan if you made them those! I will have to give them a try

  4. They are amazing! Did you squish up the mince. Talk me through it, I want to make amazing burgers!

  5. Mentally rearranging my day to fit in purchase of (high-quality) mince. If making burgers I generally do the egg/onion/smashed-up Jacob’s cream crackers thing, as per J Oliver recipe, but it is a faff and I’m not convinced it makes them any nicer. And I have a griddle pan but for some reason have never used it for burgers! Will hopefully try tonight & let you know results x

    • Excellent!

      Hey Dilly. The recipe is not even a recipe really – just keep the mince in the “lines” that it comes in, add salt and then roll into a tube. Leave for 4 hours minimum and then cut into rounds and cook.

  6. I love that you used the photo of the burger as a screen saver!

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