Christmas Booze – Part Eleventy (New Super Quick Method!)

I. Am. Obsessed.

Obsessed with flavoured alcohols.

At this rate my entire family (including the children) will be completely and utterly spangled by lunchtime of Christmas Day. (HEY! Sounds like a plan)

As my Werther’s Original Vodka winged their way to family members I realised that I was now a couple of gift bottles short – Catastrophe!

The Christmas Pudding Rum lurks maelvolently in the back of the cupboard, refusing to taste like anything other than rum.

Look at it - SINISTER

And so, I decided to try the top tip of speeding up the process of sweetie dissolution via Dishwasher. Oooh. Yeah, that’s right if you have a dishwasher and an airtight jar (Kilner preferably) you too can make some flavoured vodka in a matter of hours!


I decided after a quick twitter poll (@partyspanner) that Chocolate Lime Vodka would go down a TREAT.

Ah, Chocolate Limes – the sweet of elderly relatives and strange men who wanted to show you their puppies.

I bought a cheap bottle of vodka (750 ml) and two bags of chocolate Limes.


I got rid of some pointless aggression by smashing the living crap out of the sweets before adding them to the kilner jar. Quite the therapy I’m sure you’ll agree.

Smashed to buggery

I added the vodka, and now for the genius part. I sealed the jar, gave it a good shake and added to the dishwasher load. I used the bottom rack to make sure the container stayed upright (which will be more than can be said for me come the party season).

Snug and ready to boil

Now, the top tip I had received didn’t specify whether the dishwasher cycle should include soap, but in these financially straitened times I decided to wash my dishes and include the vodka in the load – therefore needing to add a dishwasher tablet. You will need to use your hottest wash cycle – and to be honest it seems not only to make more sense financially to add the jar of alcohol to a full load; but also *earnest face* for the planet, yeah? *wafts patchouli*

I must admit to being a little bit concerned as the dishwasher clanked and bubbled away.

There was no need. Once the cycle had completed I had lovely clean dishes and this:


DON’T make the mistake I made of having a sniff while the liquid is still hot – the fumes will make your eyes water and your BRANE GO RONG.

See that large amount of chocolate limey sediment in the bottom? Do Not Worry.

All you need to do is keep shaking the jar every hour – or half an hour if you can – and the heat of the vodka will continue to melt the sweets and dissolve all the sediment away.

After the first hour:

First Hour after Dishwasher

Second Hour after leaving Dishwasher:

Keep shaking regularly!

Third Hour:

Almost there!

Three and a half hours:

As near as dammit

And after four hours I was ready to filter the stuff.

My record of filtering flavoured alcohol is…sporadic to say the least ..but this one really needed a jolly good filtering. My poor old brain finally worked out that if I emptied the liquid from the jar into a large measuring jar and then placed the funnel and coffee filter paper into the now empty Kilner Jar, I can pour the unfiltered stuff through the funnel and just walk away and do something else until it is finished.

Yes, Yes, I know it's obvious...

It took about 40 minutes to filter the whole batch but it left me with a clear mix which goes down smoothly. Oh yes.

I bottled up:

Sticky! - notice the washcloth ready for any spills.

And now have three bottles (and a small jam jar – don’t ask) of gorgeously chocolatey, evocatively flavoured vodka to give as gifts (and add to my Christmas Day Liquour Tour)

After Resting for an hour

I utterly adore that little seam of chocolate at the top of the bottles and am delighted with the result.

So – if you’ve wanted to take a stab at making some flavoured alcohol, but have either refused to take my previous advice, or haven’t had time, or are stumbling onto my blog for my first time – be of good cheer! You too can have some sickly sweet vodka in just a few hours by following this advice!

Good luck and please let me know of any flavour combinations you come up with.


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  1. EXCELLENT work my friend. I am just about to do the Werthers-Dishwasher-Shake-Filter marlarkey mesself, inspirated by your good self. [clink] Where to you get your bottles from? I found some ace ones in Home Bargains today <>. One whole pound. [ree-salt]

    • I got mine from the internet site Jamtastic (oh the link is on here somewhere) but have suddenly realised that I am slightly screwed bottlewise as I only have two left and a litre of rum to decant. *face*

  2. Can I trust the Ikea jars, do you think? Because I would cry if they flushed all the vodka away 😦

  3. Oh, and do you promise that sealed jars don’t explode with the heat? And that the alcohol won’t evaporate off? Or does it get reabsorbed as long as you don’t open the hot jar?

    • Ha! Don’t panic! As long as the jars are a thick glass and the rubber seal is nice and flexible it will be fine. (If you’re a dick, like me, then test the jar is sealed by adding some water first – and giving a good shake, if not one drop comes out you can totally use it) Believe me. They won’t explode! glasses don’t explode in the dishwasher do they? and the alcohol won’t burn off – You’re not flambeing it (which anyway only gets rid of 9% alcohol) you’re just heating it up in a jar – like mulled wine!

  4. I don’t have a dishwasher so I have to do it OLD SKOOL. :o(
    But I am currently brewing werthers vodka, pear drop vodka, lemongrass and ginger tequila, spiced plum vodka, spiced rum (one dark, one white) and a suspicious smelling spiced whisky called “scotch marmalade”. My rhubarb & custard vodka and cola cube vodka have already been bottled and *ahem* “tested”.

    We are all going to be majorly trolleyed.

  5. Blimey, you really ARE an expert, aren’t you? Nine per cent, eh? 😀

  6. Did the basics voddy taste ok? You could have a bunting cupcakes kitchen table business selling artisan alcohol!

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