A Rose Flavoured Cake for My Flower of a Mum.

I’m not going to start this post by waxing lyrically about my mum. Suffice it to say that she is an amazing mother, grandmother, friend and all round good egg. I love her more than cake.

My mum and I are united in our appreciation of floral flavours. We both get pretty excited at a box of rose and violet creams and so I wanted to bake her a cake for birthday with a pinkily rose taste.

Luckily enough, my favourite cake book has just such an offering.

So here we go with yet another Hummingbird Bakery cake.


Teeth Achingly Sweet

I whipped up a plain sponge and added rose water and some pink food colouring to the wet ingredients before adding them to the dry mixture


After adding the wet ingredients to the dry I added a couple more drops of pink food colouring and poured the batter into two 8 inch tins.

Rose flavoured cake batter

So, I baked the cakes for 25 minutes and after testing they seemed to be cooked.

WRONG! What a mess.

So what went wrong? Sadly I haven’t the tiniest clue.

We’re now into damage limitation and this disaster is going to need some serious buttercream icing, the problem being that Mum is not the greatest fan of icing and sweet sweet cakes, so I’m somewhat limited.

I made a small batch of buttercream adding some more rose water to compliment the cake and also added some pink food colouring…

Oooh, it's like raspberry ripple ice cream

and tried desperately to salvage the birthday cake.

I slathered one of the cakes with one third of the icing…

It. Looks. Horrible.

before getting on with icing the whole cake and decorating with sugar paste flowers

Silk Purse - Pig's Ear

We sang Happy Birthday and sliced the thing up.

*shakes head*

So there you are – It tasted OK, but I wouldn’t rush to bake it again to be honest…


enjoy your cake


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  1. I made a Hummingbird cake from a book and it was too liquidy and not very stay-y together-y.

    Also – you can’t make cake be pink! It’s impossible! It just comes out a slightly oranger shade of yellow.

    • That sounds like a challenge! *brandishes pistols*

      I can make a cake a pink – I CAN! (It’d taste horrible but pink it would be)

      I love Hummingbird, but this cake just didn’t work – maybe because I was also making Chocolate Lime Vodka and Enchilada’s and sorting out the new coffee machine and, and, and…

  2. A Frog at Large

    It looks quite pretty in that last picture

  3. Ohhh, always annoying when you try a new recipe and it doesn’t turn out. Never mind, it looked pretty and I bet your mum appreciated it.

  4. I love that cake plate..where’d ya get it??

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