Werther’s Original Vodka

At last! It is ready and amazingly tasty too.

So I finally have a definitive recipe for you all. To make a lovely litre of werther’s original vodka you will need:

1 Litre of vodka

4 x large bags of Werther’s Originals.

Check out the method by looking here

I decided not to filter this one, after starting to do so and it taking AGES and it not making a huge difference to the consistency of the booze.

I wrote some labels (adding the tip to shake the bottle before serving!) and made the bottles look pretty by attaching bows.

So Christmassy!

I then poured the vodka into the bottles using my trusty funnel and they’re ready to go!


I also have my own personal bottle to tuck away with the rhubarb and custard and parma violet versions.

The Christmas Pudding rum is still not ready. I have added a handful of sugar, a handful of raisins and another of currents and a shaking of flaked almonds. I’ve still got 3 weeks and I’m hoping it’s going to come together by Christmas day.

You’ve still got time to make some flavoured vodka though – I’m going to try a batch of Chocolate Lime Vodka next…


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  1. It really, really is *hic*
    nvkmnf kc ms *slumps on keyboard*

  2. mommysaidaswearword

    They look beautiful. You did an excellent job. Far beyond my capabilities, I’ll admire them from here and wish I had a bottle to sip myself!!

  3. TheRealBIWI

    Shall I send you my address?

  4. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I think I’ll give the ingredients to my girlfriend for her birthday and let her do all the hard work! 🙂

    • I think you sound “hilariously” retro. Maybe I could give YOU the ingredients and then shove them up your considerable harris you could have a go?

      • LOL we made it together in the end. Hopefully it’ll be ready soon. 🙂

        I’d love to try making Turkish delight vodka next. I wonder how well it would work.

      • Have you tried my dishwasher method?

        It cuts the time down to hours and is WONDEROUS!

        I’m wary of turkish delight voddy – TD is jelly based and therefore a bit weird on melting into the alcohol – to get the right flavour you could add some rose water to the vodka along with some vanilla pods.

  5. David Jervis

    If you’re making in in large quantities I decided to make a bottle with a tap on the very bottom so one it has separated full draining from the bottom gives u perfect non cloudy weathers vodka. Then i filtered the top section to make it half decent.

  6. Help me, Party Spanner – I followed your Werthers Vodka recipe, except mine has been standing for a week and has now got a thick creamy solid section at the top which doesn’t shift if I turn the bottle upside down and shake! It’s been stored in our fairly chilly spare room. Has it all gone a bit wrong or will it still be okay to drink (eat?!)

  7. lamelama22


    Is it 4x large bags of Werther’s for 1 liter of vodka (1 bag per 250 mL), 1 large bag per liter (1 bag per 1 L = 1000 mL), or 1 large bag per half liter (1 bag per 500 mL). I ask because it’s not clear given the article, limited directions, and pictures, which give conflicting info, and the linked article making it said you originally did 1 bag per liter, but it wasn’t good and you were putting another large bag in (1 bag per 500 mL)….

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