Surprise Cupcakes

Let’s get back to some baking shall we?

Recently one of my friends invited me to celebrate his birthday at a pub. The invitation was pretty short notice but I decided the best gift I could give him (apart from the macaroni cheese in my man vs food post – which, incidentally, he’s been nagging me for ever since he read it) would be some cakes. *Cheap*

A week before the invitation, I’d bought some mini Lindt Lindor chocolates – God, I love them – and so I thought I’d try and make a cupcake with a lindor chocolate in the centre.

A mixture of milk chocolate and white chocolate balls of fabulousness

Chocolate cakes would be too rich, so a vanilla batter would be the best option. No icing on them either as I needed to put them in a cake tin and I also believed that the sweet in the centre would be sweet enough.

I popped the chocolates into the freezer for an hour – to prevent them from melting the second they hit the hot oven – and then realised that I didn’t have enough chocolates for each cupcake. Never fear! There’s always a stray box of chocolates in the Partyspanner household (it’s my secret shame) so I dug out a half empty box of mint chocolates and broke them in half before shoving the lot in the freezer.

Mint crisps mainly. *drool*

I whipped up a vanilla batter


And double lined my muffin trays with jaunty cases before adding the batter to each case, adding a chocolate and then “topping up” the cases until they were 3/4 full.

It's like the russian roulette of cupcakes

Into the oven, I think it was about 20 minutes and they came out looking (and smelling) pretty good.

I just HAD to try one to see how they turned out

Mint crisp! Dammit!

SHIT! The chocolate had sunk to the bottom of the cake. The sponge was tasty though (and the mint had infused through the cake while baking which was interesting). I decided to take the risk and after letting the cakes cool completely, I placed them into a tin and took them to the pub.

There were more on the bottom layer, honestly!

At the pub we all had a few drinks, toasted the birthday boy, and I opened the tin. People started eating the cakes and I suddenly heard my name being bandied about with the phrase “hash cakes”. At first I thought they must be saying “smashing cakes” until someone actually asked me what was on the bottom of the cakes. Confused, I looked at the empty case in the someone’s hands and saw:

Oh. Em. Gee. I'm a drugdealer.

Gah! All of the chocolates had sunk – DAMN THEIR EYES – and so I had basically served up plain vanilla sponges with encrusted chocolate cupcake cases. Genius.

Ah well, the cakes soaked up a little bit of the alcohol at any rate.

Cases on drinks tray

Typical Partyspanner.


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  1. I ate one. It was still tasty.

  2. mebbe put some of the batter in the cooking try do a little pre-bake, take them out, add the chocolate, then top up with the rest of the batter and cook as normal?

  3. Great idea though! Would coating them in flour work like you are supposed to do with fruit?

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