We Didn’t Start the Fire

To The Tune of We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel

Autumn Statement Day today, George Osbourne go away,

Slashing, cutting, burning, hurting, borrowing yet more,

Growth too weak, The Poor Must Pay, It has always been this way,

Cut their wages, Freeze Tax credits, Leave the bankers be.

Council houses, right to buy, they don’t need no alibi,

Maggie Thatcher, back again, in the guise of richer men

Pouring money into schools, not the sort the poor would use,

Bastards, wankers, Tory Bankers, Condem Government.

The Poor didn’t start the fire

It was always burning

While the world was turning

We didn’t start the fire

No we didn’t light it

But we can still fight it.

Sure Start Centres, EMA, Rights for workers in decay, Health Service Cuts are Deep. Big Society.

DLA, Student Fees, They don’t care who gets the squeeze, Deficit is all they say, It’s Absolute Shit.

Lib Dem, Nick Clegg, “Brake on Tories”, backing them. Opposition just won’t fight, as the slashing starts to bite.

The Elite, Millionaires, Stupid if you think they care; Time to strike and make a stand – Agitate and make demands.

So I say on STRIKING day – I support you, DON’T GIVE WAY!

We didn’t start the fire

Repeat to end.

Yeah, I’m aware of the scansion is a bit off, but I’m ANGRY Goddammit.


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  1. This is totally brilliant!

  2. Great post, I’m on strike today.

    • Thank you for striking! Most private sectors realise it’s not a race to the bottom and are grateful that you lost a days pay today to stand up to these wankers.

  3. really excellent this! I think you should release this

  4. justsomestuffaboutus


  5. AJenks/FooffyShmoo

    Just Excellent.

  6. This is BRILLIANT. I’ve sent it to my mum, ex-teacher and staunch supporter of All That Is Right. She will love it.

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