I’d like to thank my ineptness for this award

The horribly funny and truthful blogger MommySaidASwearWord nominated me for..oh God, I don’t understand all this stuff..some kind of badge thing that I can attach to my site that means I’m brilliant, or something.

The only thing I need to do is to tell you seven secrets and then link up to other blogs that I think are great. I might have the whole concept totally wrong, and to be brutally honest, I’m really not prepared to talk about my true secrets online, so instead I’m going to make some secrets up.

1) I was the original model for the Lois character in Family Guy. I met the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane back in 1990 when we were both bright-eyed 18 year olds with our whole lives ahead of us. We met at a party through a school exchange (Kent in England and Kent in Conneticut) and hit it off. I was sporting a short bobbed red head look at the time and often wore a green shirt with chinos. Seth and I had a few drinks, a few laughs, and when he tried to kiss me, I rebuffed him gently. I truly believe that in his hugely successful Family Guy TV show that Lois = me, and Brian = him.

2) I won a huge sum on the lottery back in 2006. I accepted the money and transferred it instantly into the bank account of my favourite charity. They never knew where the money came from, and I have never told a single soul.

3) I have a mole shaped like a horse on my left buttock.

4) I recently deleted all of the Dr.Who series which had been recorded on our Sky Plus box because I only had 5% of memory left and I wanted to ensure that there was room for America’s Next Top Model. I told Oliver that there had been a file corruption.

5) Sometimes, when I’m bored at work, I prank call suppliers pretending to be an idiot.

6) My favorite food is actually a sandwich comprised of veal, beef, chicken, hot chilli pepper, peanut butter and coleslaw. I call it a Scooby Doo Sandwich and I eat it when I’m feeling hormonal.

7) Sometimes I dream about Ian Hislop – in a sexy way.

So, that’s the secret part of it out of the way.

Onto my  favourite bloggers:

So Resourceful

Salt and Caramel

Pint sized Rants

Luv and Hat


Just some stuff about us

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Jean Of All Trades

Madame Guillotine



And I’m done.


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  1. Are you SURE they are all made up?

    Thanks for linking to me, will have a think and do a post tomorrow, but it may have to be on my temporary blog home.

  2. You have the fabbest blog ever. Which autocorrect wants me to call ‘flabbiest’. But you know what autocorrect is like…

  3. I like the sound of that sandwich…

  4. If I insult you do I get to blame it on autocorrect too…? 😉

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