A Cake for a Baby Shower

The baby shower is becoming more and more popular in the UK. I know lots of people are quite sniffy about them, but I think it’s a lovely idea to have a party before your baby arrives and renders you incapable of any conversation other than how sore your nipples are, and the consistency and frequency of poop (and not just the baby’s).

So, I was invited to a baby shower today and I promised to bring a cake.

I decided to avoid the horrors of the “baby” cake, and not just because I don’t have the skill, but also because the thought of hacking into an infant just feels wrong. Waiting until they’re teenagers is much better.

While shopping for the cake ingredients, I happened upon some giant Jazzies…

Giant SNOWIES? Jazzies. They are Giant Jazzies

and decided that these would be the perfect decoration for my cake, invoking childhood for the guests and with the added bonus of having the right pastel colours for a baby shower.

Last night I prepared a chocolate batter (thank you again Hummingbird) and baked 4 cakes in batches.

Top Tip – Get some of this. It is amazing.

Easy Greasing without the buttery fingers.

The kitchen started to look like an assembly line.

Ready to go in the oven, cooling in tin, cooling on cooling rack..It's the CIRCLE of sponge

I used my usual method of checking to see if the sponges had cooked through, which is to push a piece of uncooked spaghetti into the centre of the cake. If the spaghetti comes out completely clean, the cake is ready.

Much better than a skewer as it leaves a teeeeeny hole

Everything was going along in a surprisingly efficient and organised manner. Until I tried to move one of the sponges from one cooling tray to another at which point my brain did a fart and I fumbled. Time slowed down and I watched in horror as the cake fell from my hands onto the counter and BROKE.


Do you have any idea of how annoying it is to be me? Any clue at all? Let me tell you something, it is VERY annoying to be such a consistent idiot.


So we’re down to a three layer cake, and looking on the brightside at least I got to taste the sponge to “make sure it’s OK”.

I left the remaining cakes to cool down completely before putting them in a cake tin (in between layers of greaseproof paper) overnight.

A bit wonky, not completely perfect - I love homemade cakes.

This morning I got up and removed the cakes from their tin, and in a blinding flash I realised that I hadn’t really thought through how I was going to transport the finished article to the party. I toyed with the idea of just putting it on a stand, but the way I drive would surely result in a smashed up cake and buttercream icing all over the EVERYWHERE. So, off I went to the cakeporn shop (God, I love it there so much – they have little pots of ready made icing in every imaginable colour for a start, and sprinkles! SPRINKLES like you couldn’t even begin to think of) and bought a base for the cake – that made me feel quite grown up – a box for the cake and some adorable little ready made icing feet. Yes, you heard. Feet. I also dashed over to the newsagents and bought some regular sized jazzies too.

Look at them liddle feet. AWWW.

Oh! At this point maybe I should point out that the woman who is baking a baby has had a scan and is having a girl, hence the pink feet, they do also sell blue ones (but to be honest, who has blue feet? Apart from me in bed)

I needed a LOT of buttercream icing and plumped for a creamy vanilla flavoured one. I really couldn’t be arsed to sieve 750g of icing and so took the cheats way out and blitzed it quickly in my food processor to get rid of any lumps. (I know that from a purely logical point of view the amount of time saved sieving is eclipsed by the amount of time getting the food processor out, washing it up, drying it, and putting it away, but honestly? I really HATE sieving)

I added the butter to the icing sugar and using a hand held whisk, blended until the mixture had a sand-like texture. Now, I know that this method makes amazing icing (adding liquid later seems to really give the mix a lovely fluffy texture) but Jesus, the MESS!

Icing sugar coats everything in a fine, sweet dust.

And onto assembly. I placed the first sponge onto the base and added a layer of buttercream, followed by the second cake and another layer of icing, and then the final sponge on the top.

Whoa, looking a bit Leaning Tower of Cakesa there.

I then iced the whole cake using a palette knife. A new one, which only bloody works! I think that if I’d owned this my cola cupcakes would have looked better. The trick seems to be to build the icing up rather than bunging it all on and hoping for the best. So I did a “base coat” first and then added more frosting in layers.


Once the cake was iced I got on with my favourite part, decorating!

I placed the giant jazzies around the edges of the top and added the little feet.

*empty womb*

I pressed the smaller jazzies around the outside of the cake.

LOOK! Honestly, I was so proud of this.

and I was done.

So into the box it went – after making everyone in the house come and have a look. I just about managed to stop myself from dragging people in off the street, that’s how proud I was. And now you get to look at it again.

I love it.

Off I went to the party, which was LOVELY by the way, and I managed to get a quick shot of the cake being cut (I’m going to be honest, I demanded that someone took a photo, like some sort of cakeadonna. I think I got away with it though, as everyone just thought I was a bit eccentric)

A slice

and then the whole thing disappeared in the space of 10 minutes – I shit you not.

So, if you’ve stumbled here via a Search Engine – I URGE you to make this cake – a two layer one would be simpler, obviously, and you can use any combination of sponge and icing you like – everyone liked the jazzies though – so, yeah, Definitely do the jazzie thing.


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  1. Looks delicious! A four layer cake was seriously ambitious. And a palette knife? Wow, after 15 years of baking I have finally treated myself to a rolling pin. I’ve always used a wine bottle. But it started to seem inappropriate for a 4 year old to use…

    • Literal LOL. (Should we make an acronym of LLOL?)

      It’s Stir Up Sunday tomorrow and I’m starting on the xmas puddings – I’ve had to BUY pudding basins – Who knew that baking shit would be so expensive?

  2. behold the next FoodNetwork Star

  3. mommysaidaswearword

    Hello! I have tagged you to receive this award! If you already have received it, no big deal. Have a great day! http://mommysaidaswearword.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/first-ever-super-duper-cool-blogging-award/

  4. The cake looks amazing! The amount of times that my cakes have failed is amazing, especially given the fact that I make so many! x

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