The X Factor = Rhythmix

It’s Saturday night.

If you’re not out on the town, then it’s time for a bit of Saturday night television…for many that means watching the X Factor.

Tonight though, after many weeks of campaigning, is the night to turn your back on the endlessly, relentless, money making, bullying bullshit.

Rhythmix is a charity who fought bravely to protect their name after Syco used it as a bandname.

They finally backed down and changed the name of the band to “Little Mix”. Great.

Rhythmix now face an £8,000.00 legal bill. Nice one, Syco.

So, I ask you to

a) Switch off, or switch over..

or instead of sticking a bit more money into the Syco pocket, why not use your vote by..

b) donating by texting RTMX11 £1 to 70070.

Not a funny blog – sorry about that.

Update: For updates please check out the facebook page  and follow them on twitter @rhythmixmusic

UPDATED (again):

“Both Syco and Rhythmix have been in touch and this matter has been positively resolved. Syco commends all the good work that Rhythmix does, and are happy to make a donation to the charity. As previously agreed, Syco will also withdraw the application for the trademark. Rhythmix wish Little Mix the best in their endeavours for The X Factor and would like to thank Syco for their donation and for withdrawing their trademark application.

Rhythmix would like to thank all the members of the public who supported the Charity in seeking to resolve this matter, and to thank Unity PR.

Chief Executive Mark Davyd said “We are very pleased this has been brought to an amicable conclusion. These are difficult times for charities and other third sector organisations, and we are very pleased that we have been able to reach an agreement with SyCo to put this matter behind us.” Mr Davyd confirmed that all donations made to the Charity by the public in the last few weeks would be used to support frontline projects working with vulnerable young people, as was the declared intention during the fundraising campaign.”

Wonderful news!


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