Christmas Booze – Week Two

So week two eh? That came around a bit quickly didn’t it?

Just like Christmas will – be warned! I have already seen two houses decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees, admittedly these homeowners are clearly insane, but if you want some tasty, tasty booze ready to give as presents or drink yourself crying while listening to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” then you’d better get on with it.

Head over to week one to get started.

I’ve been shaking the jars everyday, and having a good sniff. Let’s have a look

Whoa there Parma Violet - what you up to then?

The Christmas Pudding Rum is coming along nicely, but as the flavouring comes from natural ingredients, this one will take the longest to mature.

Remember that this was a white rum when we first started

The Werther’s Original Vodka just smells and tastes of vodka (which is fine itself) but I want this to be really tasty, so I’m going to add some more Werther’s. A whole large bag would be good (I’ve only got three quarters of a bag left, thanks to the Werther’s pixies who sneak in once night falls and snaffle them, leaving their golden wrappers in Oliver’s bed. DAMN THEM)

The colour's looking good; now to get the taste.

The Parma Violet Vodka is looking…well, a bit grim actually, and smells of nothing but vodka.

Hmmm. FOAMY.

The bottle lid has lost it’s thread, so I’m going to transfer this mixture to a fresh bottle (sterilised) and add some more parma violets.

A whole tube of large parma violets

The Rhubarb and Custard Vodka looks, smells and tastes fantastic, and is ready for bottling.

All the rest of the drinks are heading back into the cupboard for another week of daily agitation (an almost perfect description of my working life there)

Did I mention that everything should be kept in a dark place? Well it should.

Bottling up.

You’ll need some coffee filters, a funnel, a large jug and some bottles (duh). I got mine from Jamtastic and they were delivered quickly with no problems at all.


Place a coffee filter into the head (is that the right word?) of the funnel and pour vodka into filter, allow to drain through slowly.

It takes longer than you'd think for the liquid to filter through.

Now, this particular flavoured vodka only required one filtering (I think – but as this one is an experimental batch we’ll check that there’s no sediment in the finished bottle next week) but be prepared to repeat this process if your vodka still looks cloudy or any way unpleasant.

I’m looking at you Parma Violet Vodka.

I poured my finished drink of certain drunkenness into a fresh, sterilised bottle and labelled it up.

Aw. Pretty. (Potent).

I haven’t drunk half of it by the way, that’s the amount extracted; remember that I needed to pour a little vodka out when flavouring in order to put the sweets in – This can be solved by flavouring in kilner jars.

So, cheers! and here’s to next week.


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  1. Just showed this post to my husband, he wants to dump me and marry you. That ok?

  2. I love this. Parmaviolets are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE sweets.

  3. Bottoms up

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