Halloween Cakes

Continuing on from my last post

Many, Many cakes…

All lifting out of their cases

Why do my cupcakes lift away from their cases? I’ve done a little research and it appears that the moister the cake batter, the more likely it will be that the cases will lift away from the finished article. The choice is either delicious moist cakes or dryer more beautiful ones…

As these cakes are going to be eaten today I decided to do away with the papers.

I whipped up a batch of chocolate buttercream icing

Impressive spooky icing fog

and applied a layer of frosting to each cake…


and then got on with creating the owl cupcakes. I halved 2 oreos and pressed a brown m&m into each half to create the eyes. I then placed an orange m&m for a beak.

Ta-DA! Oh! Isn't it CUTE?

The oreo baked into the bottom of the cakes worked really well too


The fairy cakes are obviously too small for such decoration, so I improvised and used some of the broken oreo cookies as gravestones, and added some pre-made sugarpaste decorations.

Pumpkin on grave...woooOOOooooo

And so I’m done with the cakes.

So, so sweet

Various decorations

And now to get on with EVERYTHING ELSE.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Can you come over here and be my mum for a few days please?

  2. oooooooooooooooh, the Owl cakes are so fabulous, I have to make them for the halloween party this weekend.

  3. if you love Halloween then you probably have a pretty good chance of winning my competition! its just a bit of fancy dress fun 🙂

  4. These are so cool! Love the tombstone idea.

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