Last Minute Halloween

Despite all my frownings and pronouncements to the contrary, I have decided to get into the spirit (see what I did there?) of Halloween and we have a small party planned for TOMORROW.

I’m like Ebenezer Scrooge on Halloween, and I have been visited by the ghost of Halloween Past.

That's right people. TWO boxes of Halloween stuff.

As I wrangled the boxes from the loft, one of the lids came free and my “spells” book fell out


The Past showed me this book that I made, back when the children were very small (I think this dates from 2005) and needed some kind of instruction on party throwing. I remember making this book using a few sheets of black tissue paper, a blank book with lined paper and plenty of sloppy glue. I scrunched the paper up, and layered it onto the book and 6 years later it’s still here.

So the book fell open on the loft ladder at this page and reminded of me of my lovely plan to read various rhymes before playing each game. I was to be the Head Witch and would read the games out in rhyme (like some sort of FOOL) and the small children would obey me…

Touching, no?

LOOK! I put little time reminder’s in the corner of the pages…how sweet and naive I was back then. *sigh*. Of course I faltered when actually confronted by a group of 5 year olds and although I followed the top tip of dusting a tiny amount of flour on the first sheet of paper and blowing (which makes a brilliant cloud of “dust”) before I started reading, I soon found myself flicking through the book in search of something ever more exciting as the children demolished the table of food and ran a circuit of madness from the front room/kitchen/hall.

Even so, the book reminded me of the effort I have always made for Halloween and shamed me.


So first up. Pumpkin Carving. I got two fab shaped examples. One squat, one long, and part one of tonight’s plan is to carve them:

An uncomfortable duo

So first you cut a lid, simple enough. Use a sharp large knife, and I use the same large knife to make an initial cut into the fibrous centre of the squash and to ease the removal of the crappy/seedy innards. I have bothered, in the past, to remove the seeds and toast them – Total. Waste. Of. Time. They just irritated me. Don’t bother.

Cut with a knife, then scrape with a big spoon

So, then I scrape the insides with a big metal spoon (serving size if you want to be precise). Oliver got involved and took charge of the smaller, squatter pumpkin. He ended up wearing rubber gloves (THE MASSIVE GIRL) as the scrape and pull method was just not working for him. I’d recommend not being too squeamish and getting right in there.

"IT WILL TAKE FOREVER" I scream..then hand over the rubber gloves

So once we’d scraped and scraped we could start carving. I decided that the long pumpkin should be inverted to make a more realistic “head” shape. Oliver decided to draw his design in Permanent Marker pen. We’re both idiots.


Ah, but you see, Jack ‘O Lanterns are most effective once lit, and so it was time for our traditional “turn all the lights off, light the pumpkins” moment.

That squat one needs a bit of work to be honest.

Sod it. Let’s move onto the cakes…

Oh! so I want to make cupcakes with an oreo biscuit in the bottom and I am deeply impressed by these owl cupcakes which also uses Oreo Cookies. SCORE! I can get them in Poundland.

I line a deep muffin tray with crappy Halloween cases and add half an oreo to each case.


I make a basic chocolate cake batter and then *DUN DEEE DAH!!!!*

I see a cosmic sign. A symbol of the Goddess. A sign of something strong and feminine shining at me from my mixing bowl. Some see Dead People, some see Jesus in a piece of toast, some see Mary in a Tortilla…


I see boobs in batter. Moving on.

So I add the Booby Batter to the cases and bake

Beautiful smooth tops

And as they bake I make a second batch of smaller cakes – fairy ones. OH YES FAIRY CAKES ARE BACK!


I still had a small amount of batter left, so I crushed up the tops of the Oreo cookies I had left over and added them to the mixture before filling a remaining three cases and baking


I now have many cakes. MANY MANY CAKES. All of which require icing and decorating.

I’ll be back…



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  1. I look forward to seeing the result of these. The owl cakes are fab.

    Oreos in butter icing is amazing! There’s one of those poncy bakeries in Selfridges which sells Oreo cupcakes. It money for old rope though really!

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