Crafty Spanner

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a craft book. I’m not 100% sure why…just because it winked at me in a pretty manner perhaps.

Flicking through the book I suddenly had a vision of myself, happily making chutney and cushions, flavouring vodka with various sweets from my childhood (cola cubes primarily) and quilting. so lonely

I then had the genius idea of actually making all of my christmas gifts this year – I can hear the collective groan of possible recipients, but it’ll be good, I promise! it won’t be.

I have spent most of the past weekend sewing stuff onto other stuff and obsessively buying buttons and felt. I’m confused by myself, to be honest.

Felt Up

I have registered a new blog with which to make the internet gasp in delight at my brilliance. I’m hoping to get round to writing some posts over there soon. Obviously that blog may ruin the surprise of my fabulous gifts to those lucky, lucky people, who are going to actually get to own something made by my own fair hand; so if you know me, and think you might get a present from me this year, it might be best not to check out the new blog. (Also make sure you don’t spend too much money on any gifts for me this year. Just saying)

In other news, I have decided to scale right back on our Halloween celebrations this year after a pretty shitty couple of months. We will still be bobbing apples and eating junk, but without the hoardes. It feels a bit weird not to be planning at this time of year, but I think it’s important to recognise my limitations.

So, this week, I will be mainly sewing my EYES out, baking some cakes for a local farm festival, dragging my winter clothes out of the loft and, oh yeah, going to work.

Here’s to a productive one.


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  1. First off: NEW BLOG YAY
    Second instead of giving the neighbors the usual plate of odd shaped badly decorated christmas cookies this year, I’m giving them little homeade cheddar rounds(got three done and ageing as we speak) with some homeade bread and maybe some speciality olive oil or dry ingrediants for soup ….depending on how much I like the neighbor

  2. stainesmassif

    Be WARE of turning into kirsty from off of Location etc etc

  3. you need to go to the Handmade Christmas thread on MN – these women are fired up! Looking fwd to your blog. If you want to make an advent calendar I did one last year you might like (preen) but be warned, dont do it real time like I did…madness. How’s the stitching going?

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