Cola Cup Cakes and a longing for a Sodastream

I treated myself last week to the latest Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Time was that a “treat” would have been something a bit more…hedonistic, but age appears to have caught up with me.

As Oliver was having some friends over for the day, and Tom was off to a birthday party for a couple of girlfriends (girls who are friends, yeah? Not girlfriends. *grunt*) I decided to kick off with their Cola Cupcakes.


These cute and hyper sweet little beauties would make a good addition to any party (for adults and children alike) and would be especially great as part of a Willy Wonka Party

The addition of Cola Syrup is genius, and I managed to get hold of some very easily in my local supermarket alongside the Sodastreams. A Sodastream. Oh! how I longed for one when I was a child. The ten year old inside me (I mean my inner child as opposed to something entirely more disgusting) reached a sweaty paw out to add the Thing Of Wonder device to my shopping trolley. The 38 year old me simply looked at the price, and then at the cost of CO2 cylinders and slapped the ten year old round the face.

To reward the 38 year old me, and to punish the stupid profligate 10 year old me, I bought a flour sifter. That’s right. A FLOUR SIFTER. To be honest I should probably not be allowed out on my own with plastic money. I do hate sifting flour with a sieve though, it’s so time consuming and boring and annoying.

My lovely new flour sifter makes the job slightly less boring. So, eight quid well spent. *face*


I found the recipe fairly easy to follow – I was interested to find that there’s no creaming together of the butter and sugar, and instead the butter is added to the flour and sugar and mixed to a breadcrumb texture before having the wet ingredients added, but I decided to trust in the Hummingbird.

Different Method

I filled the baking cases with an ice cream scoop’s worth of batter (a brilliant tip from the book) and popped them into the oven.

Using an ice cream scoop ensures each case has the same amount of filing

The cakes emerged, after a little more baking time than recommended and were fluffy and looked almost fizzy.

I let the cakes go completely cold before attempting to ice them. I have learned, through bitter experience, that to do anything else is just a total waste of time.

So after about an hour of cooling, I iced the cakes with buttercream icing (with cola syrup) using a pallette knife. The results were a little rough around the edges, but I’m sure with practice I will get better at achieving a nice smooth finish.

Hmm. Need some practice

I decorated each cupcake with a cola bottle

Unbelievably tasty

Tom took cakes as small gifts for the girls throwing the party

Cake in box

and Oliver and his pals tucked in.


They really were delicious. The sponge was light and yet satisfying and although the buttercream was sweet, it wasn’t jaw achingly so.

A new addiction is born, and on that note I am determined to bake every single recipe in the cookbook.

I will report back.


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  1. Ooer, they look and sound delicious. Definitely buying the book when we’re back 😀

  2. The book is…mouth watering!

  3. They look fab. And I am jealous of the flour sifter. Is it really so easy to use?

  4. gummi coke-a-cola bottles my fave candy. I like the white glass hen in the background of the first picture.

  5. Oh good a fellow obsessive baker, yey. I too get over-excited about cook books, I have even been known to go to bed with them with a cup of tea and a cake, aah yes my hedonistic leanings appear well and truly OVER… I have the Hummingbird Bakery book (and a flour shaker) have so far tackled the blueberry cake, peaches and cream cupcakes, black bottom cupcakes and the spinach and cheese muffins, all orgasmic

  6. Oh and where did you get that fab cupcake box?

    • Oooh – That sounds like the first book (which is currently in my wishlist on Amazon along with a massive basket full on Lakeland) I’ve got the second one!

      Cupcake box was from my local cake porn shop – can pick you up a couple if you like?

  7. They sound disgusting 🙂 Glad they weren’t though!

  8. Wow, my DS would love those. I made a chocolate guinness cake at the weekend, I’m sure the recipe was from one of the hummingbird books, it turned out amazingly.

  9. I love the cake boxes too. Always wanted the hummingbird book. Is the 1st worth it?

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