Out Of Office Assistant

There’s a reason that the acronym for the Out Of Office Assistant is OOOA. Apart from the fact that it is just a fact

OOOA is the noise I make whenever I write a “professional” little note on my email such as “Party Spanner is currently out of the office on annual leave. Please contact the office on 01234 5678910 with any urgent queries. Kind Regards”


I usually sing a bit as I’m doing it as well. Usually to this tune:

I usually change the words to “OOh AAH, Office Assistant, OOH AAH take my emails, OOH AHH, Cos I’m not going to be here, YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SEARCHING FOR!”

This is why I don’t have a proper job doing Important Stuff.


About Party Spanner

check me out at www.partyspanner.com

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  1. Reinterpretation of gina g lyrics is Very Important IMHO

  2. Oh you do make me chuckle, my lovely.


  3. OOO-ah I’m going to need one of these next week πŸ™‚

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