Forget cake, what about some MEAT?

I know, I know, this blog is becoming one of those “look at what I cooked” blogs. (I will be starting my Halloween party planning soon so I will be writing about parties again, I promise).

I apologise for that, but…you guys?

Totally look at what I cooked!

You may remember that we love to watch Man vs Food. The last few episodes we’ve seen have been stuffed full of pulled pork sandwiches, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Also this week has seen my bank account completely and utterly decimated by the horrors of New School Uniform Shopping. Pork is relatively cheap and it just felt right that this Saturday night we should be sat in front of the TV, eating pulled pork sandwiches and bickering.

And so yesterday I bought a shoulder of pork, some BBQ seasoning and sauce and a disposable barbeque, I spent about a tenner.

Pork and seasoning

I added some garlic salt and some smoked paprika to the BBQ seasoning and rubbed it into… (Look. This blog post is going to have lots of references to PORK, PULLED PORK, MEATY JUICES etc, so let’s just get all the infantile sniggering out of the way now shall we?.  *Waits*.  Are you finished? Good, then I’ll continue)…the joint (*glares*) and placed it into the fridge overnight.

Pork with Rub. Ahem.

This morning I got up at 8 and, before I even drank a cup of coffee, took the meat from the fridge to allow it to get up to room temperature.

I chopped up a large onion and placed it into the slow cooker with some garlic and dried chillies. I added the meat to the cooker and poured in water to the halfway point of the pot and turned the heat to low.

Bubble away and make AWESOMENESS

I then went out and spent a tear inducing amount of money on shoes for the boys.

I decided to make some homemade bread rolls for the sandwiches and when I got home I got on with sticking the ingredients into the breadmaker making the dough. This dough is a sweet bread, I thought it might complement the sweetness of the pork.

Dried yeast is best for use with breadmakers

I fucking LOVE my bread maker. Look at that perfect ball of elasticy dough

Wobbly and not a perfect "round". Proper homemade bread!

Meanwhile, the pork had been cooking for 6 hours and the smell was permeating the whole house with porky goodness. As the bread rolls went into the oven there was a WAR OF SMELLS all of which were delicious (which makes a very nice change in a house of teenage boys).

You can see the steam, but you can't smell it...Poor you.

I realise that at this point this meat looks pretty disgusting. Thinking about it, I could have possibly browned the meat off before I placed it into the slow cooker, but as this meat will be shredded it feels like a bit of a waste of time.

The bread rolls emerged from the oven like little fluffy, golden beauties.

Some of these rolls now look like lady parts to me. It's all the pork talk.

After ten hours of cooking, the pork was ready. I lit my little disposable barbecue and waited for the charcoal to start to turn to grey ash. I transferred the pork into a dish and removed some of the excess fat before dousing it in shop bought BBQ sauce.

Yes, yes, it looks vile. I know.

I then tried to get the meat onto the barbecue. It immediately started breaking up as it was so tender, and this is the reason I used a disposable barbecue, the “grill” part is very fine so you’re not losing meat down great gaps. (This was FAR more by luck than judgement – but it’s true and a great tip)

Cooking in the great outdoors

I cooked the meat for about 5 minutes each side, just long enough for it to get good and smoky and then removed it from the BBQ and shredded using two forks.

Ta-Da! Pulled Pork, and it only took 11 hours.

And so our dinner was ready. I quickly made up some bananas stuffed with chocolate and wrapped in foil and placed them on the barbecue for pudding.

This is the only pic you're getting of these. They don't look pretty once cooked, but my God they taste good.

I then assembled the sandwiches, added pickles and coleslaw and sat down to stuff my face.

Looks good.

I didn’t like it. *sadface*

The boys did, and that’s a relief because they’re going to be eating the stuff for DAYS. There’s so much of it, so the next photo is Day One of pulled pork sandwiches. I suspect that by Day Four the face will be just a silent scream of desperation.

Oliver and his mega pulled pork sandwich


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  1. ROFL you didn’t like it! Kudos for doing it tho. I love M v F!

    • FFS. HOURS spent cooking it and I just went “MEH!”

      Needs more salt and not to be pork I think 😉

      • we’re going to a Fiestas Patrias tomorrow, so I’ll see if I can pick up some authentic SW style seasonings and rubs from one of the local vendors to send to you.

  2. Kinda reminds me of the time my mother tried to make Menudo, that being said mebbe you and the kiddos ought to consider a trip here to TX, BBQing here is in the blood.

  3. Looks delicious.

    You need to try seven hour lamb next. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

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