The Post Holiday Blues

Post Holiday Blues.

Definition: The phenomenon where everyday life just seems a little bit more tedious than it did before a week in the Mediterranean, spending shitloads of euros on peanut flavoured crisps and drinking beer at lunchtime.

I like to play the “this time next week” game before a holiday. You know? “This time next week I won’t be at work trying to take a desk nap, I’ll be taking an actual nap on a beach”

But this week I’m playing the “This time last week” game. It’s much less fun.

Today: The milkman is leaving us milk

This time last week : We’re having a short, hot but exciting (excitement caused by stinging and unknown creatures) trek to fetch some milk from the supermarket at 11am.


Today: I’ve got to get up at 7.00 and watch BBC Breakfast tell me an inspirational story about the Olympics, interspersed with tales of the next wave of poor-people culling enforced by the government.

This Time Last Week:  I was completely isolated from the TOTALLY FUCKING BORING 2012 OLYMPICS and David Hameron’s evil deeds of evilness.

Today: The car is short on petrol. Dear GOD! Don’t tell me I’m doomed to  fill the tank up and then go and pay and then weep about the cost for 10 minutes in a cul-de-sac?

This Time Last Week: I was catching a bus to get into town with 95 other people, half of whom were bare chested (the men) or wearing bikini’s (the women) and all of whom were young and beautiful.

Today: Work? Actual going to a place of employment and being expected to be enthusiastic about budgets and talking about how client X are a bunch of wanting-the-moon-on-a-stick-for-sod-all-money bastards

This Time Last Week: Swimming in the sea next to a fuck-off-massive-boat

Swim out to it boys! Tell them you are orphans!

Today: Jacket potato and cottage cheese

This Time Last Week: Tzatziki, Beef stifado and a bottle of red wine.

The pure drudgery of day to day life is truly felt most keenly after a break from it. That’s weird really, surely I should feel rested and content rather than bored and dissatisfied?

Still, looking on the bright side it’s only 21 weeks til Christmas.


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  1. Not you too! It’s August! It’s 30 degrees in half the country. Stop talking about Christmas!!!!!!! :O)

  2. Your photo captions are one of the highlights of this blog.

  3. It sounds like you had a good holiday at least?

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