Packing means no blogging

I’m off on holidaybobs on Thursday, so this week has been mainly taken up with obsessional knicker counting and decanting large bottles of shampoo into slightly smaller bottles.

I despise packing with a fiery passion. It combines many of my least favourite things: laundry, ironing, organisation, lists, folding, rolling and squishing.

I also hate flying and have a small internal voice which squawks ‘it doesn’t matter if you don’t pack enough swimwear because WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!’ I believe this voice knows something I don’t, so usually, about half an hour into the fold, roll, squish part of the packing I give up and throw everything, higgeldy-piggedly into the case while sobbing.

After all ‘We will hurtle towards the ground at 700 miles per hour and while this happens you will look back on this packing futility with fondness’

So. No blogging from me for a while. Because according to my internal voice ‘you remember that bit in Castaway when Tom Hanks goes into the airplane toilet and looks at the plaster and then they crash? That’s YOU that is’



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  1. I’m not the kind to go on swanky holidays, but where in the name Rupert, Rebakah and Andy are you going that requires you to take your own shampoo? Or are you hiding these smaller bottles around the house in the hope that an intruder with a “product” fetish fails to “pollute” them all? And how will you know which remain untainted on your return? (This scenario is slightly more plausible than the plane crash one.)

  2. so what kind of souvenirs are you going to bring back for us??

  3. I used to annoy my stats teacher by saying that surely all statistics denoting chance are really 50-50, I mean, while you may have a 1 in 14 million chance of dying in a plane crash, it’s not much of a comfort to those who got on that ONE plane that crashed. I bet they all got on thinking ‘sure only a one in 14 million chance of dying’. What matters is whether or not you are that one person in 14 million, and you either are or you aren’t, 50-50 chance.

    Hope that makes you feel better 🙂

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