Totally Tropical Invitations.

I bow to one person asking public demand and get back onto the track of the blog MOMENTARILY give you an update on the invitations and preparations for Oliver’s beach party.

If you have no idea what I’m going on about have a look here and here.

I found a brilliant website called Party Packs and found foldable cardboard surfboards and inflatable parrots and straw skirts and and and…

So, I placed an order and it arrived very quickly.

Yeah. Look at all that LOOT

You’ll noticed that I was so excited I didn’t even clear the iron away. Yeah. That’s like, that’s an indicator of my excitement. Iron Clearage. *cough*

So we pretty much got everything out of the box and shouted at each other stuff like “LOOK! AN INFLATABLE BANANA!” “OH MY GOD. GIANT SUNGLASSES!”

Let's get everything out of the box and scatter it across the front room. Sounds like a plan.

And then I made Oliver put all the leis on

Lei down. Yeah, I went there.

And then we packed everything back into the box and put it somewhere. I think down the shed/playhouse. Or maybe in the loft. Or under the stairs. Anyway, WHATEVER, it’ll turn up.

I have started some serious work on the invitations.


I had a small problem with the glue (and not because I’m on it)

It looks like a disease. It's not. It's superglue. I am a relentless twat.

And have managed to finish half of them…

Check these babies out

See those fabulous little life preservers and sunglasses and palmtrees? We made those. We are totally amazing.

Only another 10 to go and I’m done

Another ten to go...

We’re getting there!


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  1. Cardboard surfboards? Did you get them in the chocolate teapot shop?

  2. I googled and found this website for you if you want inflatable pink flamingos or a luau limbo stick—6-ft-76598-p.asp

  3. OMG I think I love you! And that fourth picture down is why.

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