Beach Party Invitations or Oh Dear Lord the madness is upon me…

So. Oliver turns 11 in August, and he moves onto secondary school in September.

All of the parties that I have thrown for him and his primary school friends have been building towards THIS PARTY. (You can read about my angst here)

We’re going on a family holiday at the end of July, so I need to be really on top of my game to get the invitations out and get everything arranged. Bearing this in mind, I called a party entertainer today. I’ve decided that I want to enjoy this party, and the best way to do this is to get someone else to do it help. Somewhat embarrassingly, when the lovely lady asked me about the details of the party – I burst into wracking sobs. *shocked face*

Me: “It’s hu huuh eleventh birthday *WAIL* and this is th the the LAST PARTYYYY! *sniff*”

Lady: “…..”

Me: “Sorry”

I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns up on the day with a knife tucked into her socks in order to deal with me.

Moving on…

Today was also the day that I went to HobbyCraft and spent a stupid amount of money on crafty crap.

See that pen? I have many, many pens, but when you walk into HobbyCraft they squirt you with an odourless, invisible gas that turns you into a CraftZombie. One minute you’re a normal person who watches DVD’s and The Apprentice in their free time, the next moment you find yourself gazing vacantly at a cardboard mask while gently stroking a pack of feathers. I should never go in HobbyCraft. It makes me want to do knitting, crocheting, painting, jigsaws, jewellery making and..most disturbing of all, SEQUIN ART. FFS.

I also bought some sandpaper. Not from HobbyCraft, but from ASDA – Only a quid! Bargain  (also I got three bottles of wine for a tenner *double thumbs up*)

So I started on the invitations..

Not bad, for the first draft


That’s a little square of sandpaper there in the middle. The card opens up and all the information about the party is on the inside. I’ve gone with a “Beach Hut” thing (Beach Hut = Shed/Playhouse)


The Beach hut at <address>

will open on <date of party> at <start time> until <end time>

Dress Code – Something summery!

RSVP details



There’s something missing though…As I looked through the bags of little sticky on-ny beach stuff I had bought, I realised that it’s just not colourful enough. And so…the madness begins.

On my last trip to HobbyCraft I bought a bunch of FIMO, ostensibly for Oliver, but c’mon, let’s be honest – I became a CraftZombie. I made these with it:

Don't ask...

If you don’t know what FIMO is, (and, why would you? Unless you’ve been in HobbyCraft, in which case you’ve probably got your own embarrassing collection of models) then have a click. FIMO is basically a modelling clay which you can harden in the oven.

I wonder if you can guess where I’m going with this?

Yes. I have forced my children into slave labour to help me make our own sticky on-ny things to stick on invitations. I feel shame.

He's still in his school uniform *sob*


But now we have…

Ah, aren't they wondrous?

You see?



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  1. Oh my………good thing your not over here then..we have 2 major craft/hobby stores…Micheals and HobbyLobby, double the trouble, tripe the sequins!!

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