A Royal Wedding Party

Union Jack. On a Shoe.

I wasn’t very excited about the recent(ish) Royal Wedding. I wasn’t one of those people saying stuff like “BOO! TAX PAYERS MONEY! BLOODY ARISTROCRACY” or anything, I just couldn’t really summon up much enthusiasm.

That was until we decided to invite my Nana to come and stay for the week.

Suddenly, I was effervescent! YAY! ROYAL WEDDING!

I decided that I was going to bake a cake, we were going to have a “spread” and champagne and watch the coverage on the TV and have some champagne and tie up bunting outside and have some champagne.


The cake I decided to bake was from the lovely book by Lorraine Pascale called “Baking Made Easy” which is from her BBC TV series. I really fell a little bit in love with Lorraine while watching her cookery series, and was delighted when I received her book for my birthday (a week before the wedding) There isn’t anything much nicer than a brand new cookery book to flick through, and despite being on a permadiet, I especially love drooling over cake recipes.

Her website is http://www.lorrainepascale.com/ (HOLY SHIT! Did I just make a link? WOW!)

Anyway. The cake I wanted to make is a plain chocolate sponge with inches of buttercream and chocolate cigarillos around the outside. You can fill the top (there’s a gap between the top of the cake and the top of the cigarillos) with anything really…flowers, fruit, sweets…anything, and I decided that I wanted two tone cigarillos, white and milk chocolate and to bring the cake into the patriotic theme, I filled it with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

I made this.

I got the cigarillos from http://www.chocolatetradingco.com/chocolates/ingredients/cigarellos-curls?gclid=COm_pKqnqakCFQNP4Qod1iIHLA (Getting flash now) and they arrived really quickly.

We put bunting up outside the night before the Big Day (and I must confess that it is still hanging forlornly from one end of our down pipe – *SHAME*) and bought in some nice party food from the high street.

We were up early and settled down to watch the coverage – and thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the way did you see this:


I made that cake. Pretty amazing, yes?

So, we watched the wedding, popped the champagne when they came out of the church and the crowd roared and…ah. It was lovely.

Ma had actually bought special “Celebration” glasses to drink the champagne from

*cough* IgnoreTheMug *cough*

So, we drank some more champagne when they emerged onto the balcony.

And a little bit more when they kissed

And a little bit more when they kissed again

And we laughed when Prince Phillip clearly went “RIGHT! I’ve had enough of all this, let’s go and eat!” (like Frank off Everybody Loves Raymond) and they all shuffled back inside.

And then I made Nana try on my original 50’s glasses

Champagne makez everfing funneee

And then I had some pink wine (I think)

And we watched Prince William (um, Duke of Cambridge or whatever his name is now) drive the beautiful Kate back home in that car and it was brilliant…and then I had some more wine.

And then I forced the boys outside to take a photo of them and Nana and the bunting

Seriously, this photo is uncomfortable to look at. Sorry Boys!

And then I think we had some more food and we definitely had some more cake. Oh did you see the cake?

Did I mention that I made this cake?

And we had a lovely day and it was great.

(And even though we had to call an ambulance for Nana at 1 O’Clock in the morning because she was very poorly and that bit was really shit, but she’s OK now, it was still a Good Day)


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  1. I wandered on here a little while back and I absolutely cannot get enough!

    Please keep writing!

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