Cat Bonjela

So far this past week has been pretty crappy.

It all started last Tuesday when my cat, Po (He was a rescue cat, and he already knew his name. DON’T JUDGE ME) did his usual meow for food and I noticed his tongue looked sore.

Yeah? And? I've got a bow on my head. Want to make something of it?

Po is 16 in Human Years which makes him, like, 100 or something in cat years. I made an appointment at our vet for the following day, and managed to get him into the cat basket without too much fuss.

His tongue seemed better to me, but the vet (rubbing her hands together) told me that mouth ulcers on a cat can be a sign of kidney failure, so a blood test was required to make sure he wasn’t in need of some sort of Cat Kidney Dialyses.

Blood results were fine (the vet seemed a little put out at this) and Po was given an antibiotic shot and another of water steroid. At this point the vet suddenly decides we must come back for a secondary appointment to find out if Po has tongue cancer. I would like to show you a picture of my face at this, but I didn’t take one (looking back i could have probably asked the vet to) but I kind of looked like this:

These fingers are loaded and I'm not afraid to use them

So I made another appointment and signed over my first born son as payment.

Today was the day when I had to take Po back for his follow up appointment. Getting him into the basket was not so easy…he knew exactly what was happening this time and he was not going there without a fight. I knew how he felt.

After a wrangle, flying fur, ROWWWWWERRRRS, and sweat (and that was just me) I finally managed to imprison him and off we went.

Apparently the only way to find out if Po has tongue cancer is by performing a biopsy (!) which will require a general anaesthetic, not a great idea for a cat of such advanced years or my purse, and anyway, if he does have tongue cancer they can’t do much about it except for putting him to sleep.

So, I rejected that suggestion, and Po is on a course of steroids. I wonder if he’ll start getting Roid Rage and end up looking like:


That would be kind of OK. It might at least stop him getting beaten up in his own back garden by the local Cat Mafia (Catfia)


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  1. awww…poor Po

    • I know! I can’t get the bloody tablets down him and am having to crush them up and put them in milk – he’s like some sort of evil cat genius!

  2. It takes a lot of practice to pill a cat..that and some heavy duty chainmail gloves(like what they use to bait sharks)
    (I would recommend wraping the cat very tightly in a towel)
    Step 1 place thumb and forefinger on eitherside of the cats jaws
    step 2 apply pressure
    Step 3 once you have the mouth open force the pill as far back as you can down the animals throat
    step 4 schedule a Dr’s appointment for when the cat decides to retaliate

    • heehee!

      I’m going with buying the lactose free catty milk stuff, crushing the pills and adding…How can he not taste that shit? Seriously? He is mad.

  3. I tried cat milk once, it seemed to do the trick, the only downside is it gives them EPIC cat gas…they fart nonstop.

  4. I randomly found your blog about your cat when searching for bonjella for my daughter !!! After reading your story Im wondering what happened to Po ?

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