Lets get this party started

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog about my party ideas for kids and family and friends and *shudder* showers and hens and stags and etc etc..for quite a while.

I even considered setting up a Party Spanner business for a while.

I thought – ‘hey? What could be so hard? I could do a package deal:

Invites (provided)

[these will be something I have made on my home computererer]

Food (consultation)

[I will tell you what to cook, give it fancy names and possibly provide you with some sort of cocktail stick with a “sign” on, such as..”Mermaid Delight” to stick into fishfingers]

Games (Maybe I could be there to help out?)

[You have two hopes…I will tell you what games to play – enjoy]

Decorations (consultation)

  [I will print out various things from my home computererer and call them posters – other than this I will require you to spend many £££’s in pound shops and various musty stationery (or is it stationary) shops]

Cake (I can point you in the right direction!)

[I can either tell you what to cook, or find you someone who will charge you £££ for cake – OR you could find something in Waitrose/M&S/Tesco/Asda that will fit the bill]

Party bags (provided)

[a plastic whistle, a balloon, a piece of Asda cake wrapped carelessly in a napkin, A refresher “chew” and a plastic frog – which is supposed to jump if you flick it’s arse {These never work} – Enjoy!]

And then I thought…Fuck, I can just about get through 2.5 hours (or less hopefully) of my own kids and their friends racing around like idiots.

No money on earth could induce me to do it for a job so I decided it would make baby jesus happy if I GAVE my brilliant Party Spanner advice out FREE OF CHARGE to the entire internetz.

So here we are. *waves*

Also – please feel free to email me at partyspanner@gmail.com with any top party giving tips/stories/heinous crimes.


About Party Spanner

check me out at www.partyspanner.com

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